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Click here or on image below for 1/4 sheet printable PDF flyer.    Or click here for a larger flier that lists endorsers.

January 24 is the day that the MN politicians go back into session at the capitol. We want to be there on Day 1 to say: “Stop the Attacks on the 99%! Make the Rich Pay for their Crisis! Put a Moratorium on Foreclosures and Evictions! Bail Out People, Not Billionaires!” On Jan. 24, we will unveil our BILLS to Tax the Rich and to put a Moratorium (a halt) on Foreclosures and Evictions in MN!

Organized by the Minnesota Coalition for People’s Bailout and the Welfare Rights Committee.
Initial endorsers include: ADAPT MN, Advocating Change Together (ACT), AFSCME Council 5, AFSCME Local 3800, Anti-War Committee, Communities United Against Police Brutality, General Assembly of OccupyMpls, Marriage Equality Minnesota, Minnesotans for a Fair Economy, MN Immigrant Rights Action Committee, MN Neighborhoods Organizing for Change (NOC), MN Nurses Association (MNA), MN Tenants Union, MN Peace Action Coalition, Occupy Homes, Occupy the Hood, Occupy Saint Paul, Occupy Saint Paul Tactical Working Group, Poor Peoples Economic Human Rights Campaign, Saint Paul Regional Labor Federation, Students Association for the Advancement of Children as People (SAACP), Students for Democratic Society (SDS), TakeAction Minnesota, Twin Cities Peace Campaign, United Food And Commercial Worker Union Local 1189, Universal Health Care Action Network of MN,  Women Against Military Madness (WAMM).


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Demand Minnesota politicians:
Tax the rich!
Put a moratorium on home foreclosures!

Join us for an informational meeting of the Minnesota Coalition for a People’s Bailout
Tuesday, January 3
6:00 p.m.
at Walker Community Methodist Church
3104 16th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55407

This upcoming legislative session, the MN Coalition for a People’s Bailout will push for legislation that puts a moratorium on home foreclosures and the eviction of tenants from foreclosed properties. The effect of this bill would be to end foreclosures for the next two years.

We will also be pushing for a bill that will dramatically raise taxes on the rich. There is no good reason that the poor and working people should pay for an economic crisis that has been created by the banks and wealthy investors.

The time is right to have a real debate here in Minnesota. The Occupy movement is changing the political landscape of this country. People are outraged at the arrogance, power and privilege of the 1%.

The Minnesota Coalition for a People’s Bailout is made up of trade unionists, welfare rights, anti-war, immigrant rights and community groups — people who want do something about the direction this state is heading in.

On January 3, we will be making plans for a serious fight at the State Capitol. We have already contacted politicians about our plans for a Foreclosure Moratorium and Tax bill. Bring your ideas and energy. Together we will fight back!

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