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March 14 Capitol Hearing to stop Foreclosures & Evictions

Noon in Room 500 State Office Building

Hearing flier 3-7-2012

(Click HERE for flyer)

Stop Foreclosures and Evictions – Moratorium NOW!

Pack the Hearing on Foreclosures – Make Our Voices Heard!

Wednesday, March 14

12:00 Noon

Room 500 State Office Building

The MN Coalition for a People’s Bailout has a bill, sponsored by Senator Scott Dibble and Representative Karen Clark, The People’s Bailout Bill (SF1521 & HF1886) which calls for:

— A 2-year moratorium on home foreclosures.

— A 2-moratorium on the eviction of renters from foreclosed property

MN politicians CAN Stop Foreclosures in MN by putting a moratorium on foreclosures. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT AND PRESENCE at the MN state capitol on WEDNESDAY, March 14 at NOON to pack the hearing, to speak the truth about foreclosures, and to demand that MN politicians end foreclosures Now!
Demand that our state legislators protect OUR interests, not those of the privileged few – remind them that their votes depend on it! We are the 99%; our voices together cannot be ignored!

There will also be a press conference at 11:30, before the hearing, in room 125 of the State Capitol Building.

Contact legislators and tell them to come to the hearing in support of our bill. Click here for talking points.


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STOP the Republican ATTACK on Poor Women and Children!

Pack the Hearing at the Capitol!

Wednesday Feb 22nd at 2:30 p.m.!

Republicans To Try to Push through the Worst Cuts to the Safety Net Since the 1990s, pushing families into deeper poverty, hunger and homelessness!

TELL POLITICIANS to STOP the Attacks on Poor and working families!!  STOP balancing the budget on OUR BACKS!

THE RICH Created this CRISIS – it is TIME to Make the RICH PAY!

Join the Welfare Rights Committee and others to protest the most damaging and devastating changes to public assistance for families and poor people since welfare “reform” of 1996. The politicians are ready to make life unlivable for poor and working families.  While the Rich have not paid even ONE DIME for the budget deficits, they have in fact,  gotten RICHER and RICHER!  The politicians want to take even more away from the few programs we have to get us through hard economic times.

WEDNESDAY, February 22, 2012 – 2:30 PM

Room: 200 State Office Building

(expect to be there till 4-4:30 pm)

(100 MLK Blvd. – across from Capitol)

While we are in the middle of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, the politicians are poised to gut critical social programs that families rely on to get them through any economic crisis. Our families have been living in economic crisis for many years even before the collapse of the economy. On Wednesday, the politicians will use their power to make it even harder for us to get out of poverty.

These are the Criminal Changes that will be Heard and Voted on in the Committee on Wednesday

1) Cut the time that families have to get welfare assistance to 3 years for their entire lifetime. Everyone knows that during this economic crisis, there is massive unemployment, and tens of thousands of people with even degrees and high level skills are having difficulty finding jobs.  Welfare is the unemployment assistance for poor families and for working families once their unemployment checks run out.

2) Criminalize poor families for being poor, by doing background checks from the past 10 years. If we have any drug offenses or other “disqualifying offenses” from up to 10 years AGO, they can and will deny poor families any public assistance.  Do the Rich get background checks before they are given public money for their corporations?  NO!  We are not the criminals, the 1% are!

3)  Throw families off ALL public assistance when they reach 100% of the federal poverty guidelines. Even though the poverty guidelines haven’t been adjusted for years and welfare grants have NOT been raised in 26 years.

4) Again criminalizing poor families by throwing our families completely off welfare with 100% sanctions if we slip up in paperwork or jumping through other hoops!  Politicians and corporations break the rules all the time, but they continue to hold public office and get public money!!

THIS IS SERIOUS!  When bills like these are being considered, politicians are making life harder for poor families and disabled individuals when they are at an all-time low in their lives. In these economic times, more and more people are slipping into these ranks.

With all these cruel and inhumane bills the politicians want to pass, how are these gut wrenching bills going to help people get out of poverty? One and the only answer: THEY ARE NOT!

It’s very important that we come to the house on Wednesday, bring signs, our voices and protest these criminal and immoral bills. These politicians really want to criminalize poor and low-income people and families in any way they can. Let’s stop them!

Here is a short description of this gut wrenching bill. So, it is VERY important for everyone to come to the hearing and PROTEST. (At the bottom are 2 other bills that will be heard that are bad.)  (House File 2080 -Senate File 833) This bill modifies the MFIP program by (1) reducing the maximum time limit from 60-months to 36-months, (2) reducing the MFIP exit level from 115 percent to 100 percent of the federal poverty guidelines, (3) disqualifying persons convicted of a drug offense within the past ten years, (4) requiring criminal history background studies at the time of application and recertification to determine if an applicant or participant has been convicted of a drug or other disqualifying offense, and (5) modifies sanctions to reduce the number of sanctions for noncompliance a participant receives before the MFIP case is closed.

Please forward and invite everyone!  (If you can help in any way, please let me know.)

Thank you.


Sign up to Testify: If you can, sign up to testify. They need to be slammed on these stupid bills. (If you don’t know if you can come, sign up anyway. The more people that sign up the more they can’t be in denial that what they are doing is very criminal!  Send an email to holly.iverson@house.mn

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