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Tax Day rally April 16

Tax the Rich! No cuts to poor and working people!
Monday, April 16
12:00 noon
MN State Capitol

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We are in an economic crisis. We are losing our jobs and our homes. There are huge cuts to education, health care and other services that we have been paying into for years.

Working people are under attack. Still the politicians are talking about more attacks on us. Meanwhile,  the wealthy  have been getting huge tax cuts year after year.

The MN Coalition for a People’s Bailout and the Welfare Rights Committee have a bill to TAX the RICH. On April 16, come to the capitol and make your voice heard!

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Sponsored by:
MN Coalition for a People’s Bailout – mnbailout.wordpress.com
Welfare Rights Committee – 612-822-8020 – Look for us on Facebook


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In November the Minnesota Freedom of Employment Amendment, also known as “Right to Work”, may be on the ballot as a constitutional amendment in Minnesota. This is an attack on all workers, and will erode the standard of living for all Minnesotans, giving employers all the power over wages, benefits, and working conditions. The working people of Minnesota didn’t cause the economic crisis, and our wages and benefits should not come under attack for it.

Facts about ‘Right to Work’ for Less:

  • The average worker in ‘Right to Work’ states earns $5,500 less per year than workers in states without ‘Right to Work’ legislation.
  • The poverty rate is 22.5% higher in states with ‘Right to Work’ legislation.People in states with ‘Right to Work’ legislation are 89% more likely to be uninsured.
  • Workers are twice as likely to be killed on the job in states with ‘Right to Work’ legislation.

The proposed wording of the ‘Right to Work’ amendment is as follows: “Shall the Minnesota Constitution be amended to guarantee all citizens the individual freedom to decide to join or not join a labor union; to remain with or leave a labor union; or to pay or not pay dues, fees, assessments, or other charges of any kind to a labor union or any affiliated third party or charity, without having it affect their employment status?”

Don’t be fooled! As Martin Luther King, Jr. said in 1961, “In our glorious fight for civil rights, we must guard against being fooled by false slogans, as ‘right to work.’ It provides no ‘rights’ and no ‘works.’ Its purpose is to destroy labor unions and the freedom of collective bargaining… We demand this fraud be stopped.”

Pledge to VOTE NO!

Click here to sign: http://signon.org/sign/vote-no-on-right-to-work?source=c.em.cp&r_by=380143

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